Water Room

With a choice of six seating areas, every bather can experience a full range of massage. The tub's corner therapy seats feature wrap-around arm rests, lumbar support, and deep soaking. The extra-long, reversible lounge offers two unique therapy experiences, each with a pillow head-rest.

The Water Room hot tub is also equipped with a Hoyer Lift for handicapped accessibility. Please note that if you require use of the lift, we ask that a family member or PCA accompany you for assistance.

And then there's the Steam Room where you can totally melt in clouds of steam. We can add a few drops of our pure aromatherapy essential oils ~ lavender, eucalyptus, rose, or sandalwood. Most guests prefer to begin in the Steam -- feeling the stress drift away inside and out -- and then, after a refreshing shower, ease into the hot tub for bubbles and bliss.

This room is directly adjacent to our Couples Massage treatment room, so you can enjoy the steam and hot tub then proceed directly to your candle-lit massage. We provide robes and slippers for your comfort. Let us know if you'd like to have flowers, balloons, chocolates, or other special surprises awaiting your beloved in the massage room!